• IFAM welcomes Randy Smeenk as intern.
  • We are happy to welcome back Jaan Simon after a successful research stay at Columbia University.
  • IFAM welcomes Alfredo Castrogiovanni as guest researcher.
  • We congratulate Sayantan Sarkar and Omid Zarei on successfully completing their master theses on the topics "Scaling of the failure limit curves with scatter bands for the robustness evaluation" and "Implementation of coupled plasticity and anisotropic damage model".
  • IFAM congratulates Yalin Kiliclar and Yujun Li for successfully defending their doctoral theses.
  • We are delighted to welcome Prof. Mohammad Heidari-Rarani, Ph. D., as guest scientist.
  • You are looking for a job as a student assistant? Please contact one of our co-workers.


Institute of Applied Mechanics - start

Welcome to the Institute of Applied Mechanics at RWTH Aachen University

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Head:       Prof. Dr.-Ing. Stefanie Reese
Secretary: Eva-Maria Goertz

Mies-van-der-Rohe-Str. 1
D-52074 Aachen

Tel. : +49 (0) 241 80 25001
Fax : +49 (0) 241 80 22001