• The project "Model order reduction in space and parameter dimension – towards damage-based modeling of polymorphic uncertainty in the context of robustness and reliability" will enter a new funding cycle.
  • We congratulate Greta Kloppenburg on successfully completing her master thesis.
  • Stefanie Reese has been re-elected to the DFG review board 402 "Mechanics and Constructive Mechanical Engineering".
  • David Jaworek was awarded the second place at the science slam at RWTH Wissenschaftsnacht 2019
  • New DFG project: "Direct Data-Driven Computational Mechanics for Anelastic Material Behaviours" in coorperation with École Centrale Nantes, France.
  • IFAM is part of the "Process Signatures" exibition at Wissenschaftsnacht 2019.
  • We congratulate Theron Guo and Tim van der Velden on successfully completing their master theses.
  • IFAM congratulates Tim Brepols on being awarded the Friedrich Wilhelm Prize 2019 in recognition of his outstanding scientific achievements as part of his doctoral thesis.
  • We congratulate Jaan-Willem Simon on being awarded the title Professor.
  • IFAM congratulates Tim Brepols on being awarded the Borchers Badge by the RWTH Aachen University in recognition of his doctoral examination, which he passed with distinction.
  • We congratulate Johanna Waimann on winning the "Award for the Best Presentation at the 9th ECCOMAS Olympiad" at ECCOMAS Young Investigators Conference 2019.
  • Johanna Waimann is nominated as a GAMM Junior for the years 2020-2022.
  • IFAM congratulates Rex Bedzra on successfully defending his doctoral thesis on the topic "Hierarchical multi-scale modelling of the nonlinear deformation of fibre reinforced composites by means of general anisotropic constitutive models".
  • IFAM was visited by the professors Houssem Badreddine (Troyes, France), Khemais Saanouni (Troyes, France) and Scott Stapleton (Lowell, U.S.A.).
  • New DFG project: "Multi-scale modeling of the anisotropic, nonlinear damage behavior of carbon fiber reinforced plastics"
  • IFAM congratulates Christian Gierden on winning the "Young Researchers Award" of ECCOMAS Thematic Conference on Computational Methods in Multi-scale, Multi-uncertainty and Multi-physics Problems (CM4P).
  • IFAM congratulates Gordan Thiede on successfully defending his doctoral thesis on the topic "Validation of Damage Parameter Based Finite Element Fatigue Life Analysis Results to Combustion Chamber Type Thermomechanical Fatigue Panel Tests".
  • Stefanie Reese has been elected vice-chairperson of the ICAMS advisory board. ICAMS is the Interdisciplinary Centre for Advanced Materials Simulation located at the Ruhr University Bochum, Germany.
  • We congratulate Marek Fassin on successfully defending his doctoral thesis on the topic "Modeling of gradient-extended anisotropic damage using a second order damage tensor".
  • IFAM congratulates Julian Kochmann on successfully defending his doctoral thesis on the topic "Efficient FE- and FFT-based two-scale methods for micro-heterogeneous media".
  • We congratulate Jaan Simon for being elected Secretary of the Tappi Paper Physics Committee.
  • The 5th GAMM AG Data workshop took place at IFAM.
  • IFAM congratulates Tim Brepols on winning the "Dr.-Klaus-Körper-Prize 2019" of the GAMM in recognition of his outstanding dissertation.
  • You are looking for a job as a student assistant? Please contact one of our co-workers.


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