• We congratulate Atefeh Alipour on successfully defending her doctoral thesis on the topic "Crystal plasticity and grain boundaries on small scales - modeling and numerical implementation".
  • Stefanie Reese has been elected spokesperson of the review panel 402 (Mechanics and Constructive Mechanical Engineering) of the German Science Foundation (DFG).
  • Our project "A new methodology for the transfer of efficient load transfer mechanisms from nature to carbon concrete structures" will be funded in SFB/TRR 280 "Construction strategies for material reduced carbon concrete structures" by DFG (German Research Foundation).
  • Stefanie Reese was elected spokesperson for the professorium of the faculty of civil engineering.
  • We congratulate Daniel Höwer on successfully defending his doctoral thesis on the topic "Numerical and experimental investigation of debonding accounting for severe fiber bridging".
  • IFAM's lectures will start on the 20th of April.
  • We congratulate Shahed Rezaei on successfully defending his doctoral thesis on the topic "Multiscale modeling of the damage and fracture behaviour in nanostructured laminates".
  • IFAM congratulates Hamid Reza Bayat on successfully defending his doctoral thesis on the topic "Failure modeling of interfaces and sheet metals".
  • IFAM congratulates Julian Kochmann on winning the "Dr.-Klaus-Körper-Prize 2020" of GAMM in recognition of his outstanding dissertation.
  • We welcome Erik Prume as a new research assistant.
  • Dr. Philipp Junker gave a talk at IFAM on the topic "A novel approach to gradient-enhanced brittle damage modeling".
  • IFAM welcomes Tim van der Velden and Greta Kloppenburg as new research assistants.
  • The project "Model order reduction in space and parameter dimension – towards damage-based modeling of polymorphic uncertainty in the context of robustness and reliability" will enter a new funding cycle.
  • We congratulate Greta Kloppenburg on successfully completing her master thesis.
  • Stefanie Reese has been re-elected to the DFG review board 402 "Mechanics and Constructive Mechanical Engineering".
  • David Jaworek was awarded the second place at the science slam at RWTH Wissenschaftsnacht 2019
  • New DFG project: "Direct Data-Driven Computational Mechanics for Anelastic Material Behaviours" in coorperation with École Centrale Nantes, France.
  • IFAM is part of the "Process Signatures" exibition at Wissenschaftsnacht 2019.
  • We congratulate Theron Guo and Tim van der Velden on successfully completing their master theses.
  • IFAM congratulates Tim Brepols on being awarded the Friedrich Wilhelm Prize 2019 in recognition of his outstanding scientific achievements as part of his doctoral thesis.
  • We congratulate Jaan-Willem Simon on being awarded the title Professor.
  • You are looking for a job as a student assistant? Please contact one of our co-workers.


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